May 27, 2018--Happy to report that Publishers Weekly recently published a pretty darned nice review of Gryphon's Eye!  Declaring that "fans of fantasy will enjoy Weston's first book in the Casting Shadows Trilogy,"  the review took special note of the novel's "imaginative worldbuilding" and praised its characters for being consistently "crafted with subtlety." Here's a link to the whole review:

September 2017--I am pleased to announce the release of Gryphon's Eye, an epic fantasy novel that is the first installment in the Casting Shadows Trilogy. Set in a world that reimagines familiars—those  magical beasts of classic folktales—as the keystones of a world of supernatural wonder and cloak-and-dagger intrigue, Gryphon's Eye pits implacable forces of darkness from a bygone era against a ragtag band of adventurers led by a mysterious warrior and a headstrong princess determined to defend her father's throne. I like to describe Gryphon's Eye as the literary equivalent of an all-ages rock concert—an experience that can be enjoyed by YA and adult audiences alike. I hope you like it.

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